Contemporary Menswear Fashion

U.Mi-1 (pronounced you.me.one) unique design aesthetic offers a modern interpretation of tribalism through a conscious cross-pollination between British tailoring and Japanese minimalism elements, creating thought-provoking silhouettes through creative construction. Describing the style as tailoring with a twist, Creative Director, Gozi Ochonogor transmits in the collections an appreciation of the culture of her homes: Nigeria, UK and Japan, where the brand was established.


Our Ethos: Unity

Our ethos is that all cultures share more similarities than differences, and through U.Mi-1’s all-embracing concept, you can connect with the heartbeat of the African continent. We strive for perfection in all our processes. We give back by organizing workshops in orphanages, engaging children in artistic projects through our Live!U.Mi-1 initiative. The collections are exhibited in Paris.


U.Mi-1 Creative Director

Gozi Ochonogor studied Software Engineering at Imperial College London. Eschewing this career to become a fashion designer, she studied menswear design at the Central School of Fashion London and worked at the Anthony Reynolds gallery, which represented Turner Prize winners Mark Wallinger, Keith Tyson and movie director Steve McQueen, learning from first-hand experience and interaction with these artists. An astute pattern-cutter, Gozi explores themes of contemporary art forms, in particular architecture and cubism through clever construction.

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