Colours are an ever present part of fashion, it does each person a great deal of good to know how they work with each other. When used with intent, colour combinations can communicate ideas for you. And vibrant and bright colours that denote African colours, can be incorporated into every modern man’s wardrobe.


• A basic understanding of colour wheel combinations greatly improves outfit choices.
• Trendy colours for the next season.
• Vibrant colours and African fashion find solace in one another.

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Colours are an omnipresent entity in the human experience, they are a component of light, which have the ability to affect us physically, psychologically, and emotionally. For fashion colours in menswear, layering and colour combinations supplement the visual communications of dressing.

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Various colour meanings evoke certain feelings, for example, blue evokes calm, and black can connote authority. And there are African colours for men like red, green, and gold which can be incorporated into every wardrobe.

Fashion Colours: Black or Red?


The colours you choose are capable of communicating various things to others, as well as influencing what you think about yourself. Black is a colour that reflects authority, power, and a sense of independence. Red has been studied to cause others to experience a faster heartbeat and breathing rate as it stimulates the nervous system.

Humans have loved blue for centuries, stemming from its relationship to the clear sky which gives it a calming effect. Colour meanings are engrained in our psychology, and the key to using fashion colours in menswear lies in a basic understanding of the colour wheel, which shows the relationships between colours.

An example of geometric pattern with contrasting colours is coming from U.Mi-1. Fancy and vivid colours are making the fabric regal and unique in our Voyager collection. What’s the sensation and the inspiration you can get from this stunning combination of creativity?


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U.Mi-1 Voyager Collection


Understanding the colour paths and combinations will help you mix outfit colours in appropriate and desirable ways. Picking analogous colours for your outfit is good for a harmonious, easy-on-the-eyes look. Complimentary colour pairings give an exciting, calculated, and bold look for when you want to leave a lasting impression.

Neutral colours are perfect for playing it safe. The more colours, the more casual the look. Time of year also matters, pastels of yellow are usually associated with summer, while burgundy and brown are autumn fashion colours.


Colour Combinations

Knowing colour combinations makes shopping much easier, and fun, since you know what works for you. Here are some surefire ways you can experiment with colours.

• Navy and White: This colour combo invokes a sailor look that is composed, mature, and timeless. Our unisex shirt with shoulder strip is an example.
• Grey and Black: This combo capitalises on the contrast and complimentary nature of the two colours, it is an underrated look that if used well can create a subtle mystique in your look.
• Green and Khaki: The camouflage tones in this give off the confident, purposeful aura that military wear has on menswear.
• Black and White: You literally can not go wrong pairing this all-time classic colour combo, its high contrast gives a clean elegant look.
• Monochromatic: all one colour, but different shades, tones, textures or patterns. All blue attire could consist of a navy suit, light blue shirt, dark blue tie, blue pocket square.


Colour in Design: Is It Necessary?


The necessity of colour in design is a debate that has existed for a long time. Pablo Picasso is known for his cubist revolution against conventional pretty pictures, stripping them of colour so that the viewer may rediscover them from the inside out. However, colour was instrumental to Henri Matisse’s work, focusing less on the design principles but more on the mix of certain colours in different ways, and the subsequent psychological effect.

Colour can be used to express distance, importance, and emotions in various forms of art. The same goes for fashion, like in our fashion collections, a splash of a colour can make an instant statement, or reinforce self-esteem. Colour meanings certainly adds and detracts from design, it is just a matter of how intentional the designer is with its inclusion or exclusion.

Taking a look at Kente, indigo-dyed Adire fabrics, vibrant Masai fabrics and beads, etc, colours in African fashion have a long-running relationship. The tropical nature of African environments, make vibrant colours pop even more. Colourful Ankara fabrics have been adopted so much it’s often mistaken to be African. Its variation of designs and colours fuels our adventurous sense of style, and enable endless possibilities of bespoke creations.


African Colours: Vibrant and Bright


Red, gold, and green have been termed African colours due to how often they feature in the flags of African countries. They are also prominent colours in the Pan-African movement. Red can be paired with blue, or mustard yellow. Green can be paired well with grey, and gold with black is a match made in heaven.

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Colours are undoubtedly an important force in menswear, and style, worn with intention, they can speak a thousand words for you. African colours for men project a different dimension. Colours can be used as a subtle or overt tool for meaningless individual pieces become a cohesive medium of communication. What’s next? Are you ready to pick the best colours to wear?

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