Your alarm clock rings, you switch it off, you check your phone, you wake up, and before you know it, your wardrobe is calling you! You open one of its doors and your question is always the same: “What am I going to wear today?”


A Contemporary Take On African Culture


Maybe you are not familiar with the word “kaftan”. What is a kaftan? Kaftans are collarless long tops with a polo style front opening and two side slits. Popular in North Africa and West Africa, kaftans are worn by any gender.

They are a common and special item at the same time, available in every man’s and woman’s wardrobe living in the wonderful African continent and parts of Asia. U.Mi-1’s concept is to act as a bridge, connecting cultures.

That’s why our creative director is proud to launch our kaftan shirt, a contemporary twist to a regular kaftan shirt, taking elements from her exotic African culture and fusing it with a European dress shirt.

kaftan shirts unisex

Kaftan Shirt: How to Wear It


First of all, your clothes need to reflect your personality, who you are. Sometimes, having some items that you have forgotten about in some hidden corner of your closet, can help rejuvenate your style.

Dig them out. Our kaftan shirts work well with most trousers, especially vivid colours. It can also be paired with a blazer for a more formal look.


Kaftan Shirt Colours


A great colour makes all the difference. Yellow has been a favourite of ours for the season. It catches the eyes and you can pull together incredible fresh combinations. But not all colours work with this style. What do you think about our midnight blue or black kaftan shirts?

It’s ideal for a meeting during your working hours and also perfectly elegant for an important dinner date or a night out with friends as it can be dressed up or down. We believe that during the day a white kaftan shirt looks incredible.

Then pick a patterned or brilliant color for your trousers and wear it without any concern. Be tastefully bold with your look and make the most out of a kaftan shirt.


Why is a Kaftan Shirt a Must-Have Item?


It is important to be unique. We believe in timeless fashion and that’s why we consider the kaftan shirt a must-have item. Importantly, as the world gets smaller, and we become more tolerant of each other’s differences, what better way to say you get it by wearing a shirt which merges distinctive elements from various parts of the world?

“What am I going to wear today?” That’s not a mystery anymore. Are you going to have a new kaftan shirt in your closet? It won’t end up in the back of it that’s for sure.  

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