Blood and Belief illuminates the conflict between the Nigerian pastoral herders and farmers. The herders, who for generations have followed a trail to graze their cattle, are finding these paths inhabited by farms, which the cows trample on. The farmers kill the cows; the herders kill the farmers.

Climate change is why the herders move down south earlier than usual, and as population explodes, they come into friction with the farmers. This has divided people along religious lines. It seems a local affair, but it global conversation about climate change, the individual versus the community, tradition versus modern agriculture and commerce.

U.Mi-1 presents the conflict through the emotions both sides feel – the pain, anger, despair and frustration. There are no right or wrong, just people desperate to survive. The film showcases the social angle to the climate change narrative, a real life challenge that explores our innate feral nature, but within it, the film shows beautiful still moments that reference our humanity. 


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