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There is inspiration everywhere and knowing what inspires you helps you understand yourself and in the creative field especially, helps others understand you. I usually say art but in truth I am inspired by personalities and how a particular trait informed or influenced a piece of art. Picasso’s jealousy, Michael Jackson’s yearn for perfection, Pink Floyds’s distaste for publicity, Nina Simone’s fearlessness, and Jean-Paul Gautier cheeky ways have helped shape and produce extraordinary work that we know and love. I find the back stories much more interesting as I can connect to the human behind the masterpiece. I am nomadic and most fascinated by cultural influences; perhaps why Picasso is my favourite. U.Mi-1 embodies cultural inclusiveness; it possesses enduring value and has its unique style. There’s confidence in our stride but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. After all, there’s more to life than fashion. What embodies you? What inspires you?